Jim Starr's work spans Painting, Illustration and Print Making.

Jim completed a foundation course at Chelsea College of Art and a Degree at Kingston University and has been screen-printing for almost 20 years, managing to exhibit in over 100 shows to date (10 Solo). His work has sold at Auction alongside some of the world’s most celebrated contemporary artists in Dreweatt’s Urban Art Sales (at the Paintworks - Bristol/Selfridges - London), and has been exhibited solo at London’s Dalston Superstore. He has also shown at The Pall Mall Deposit, London, The Coningsby Gallery, London and at Bristol’s 2 Degrees Gallery, the Wilder Street Gallery, King of Paint and It's All 2 Much.

Jim’s use of pop culture and pin-up imagery is guaranteed to inspire anyone who loves the louche and the lowbrow. His work fuels the spirit and strikes a chord in the soul, continuing to resonate long after the first glance.After an initial brush with spray stencilling in the mid-90′s, Jim’s eye was drawn to screen printing. Robert Rauschenberg was one of many painter/printmakers of the 1950′s and 60′s New York scene who influenced Jim’s shift in focus. He also kept a keen eye on newer painters from the 80′s set, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Julian Schnabel. Using a mixture of original screen printed material, his own photography, freehand drawings and found collage, Jim creates unique and sometimes complex hand-pulled prints, with no two turning out the same. For Jim there is no such thing as an average print. They can vary from five layers to forty and can take weeks or even months to complete. Having printed on denim, silk, surfboards and many other surfaces, Jim’s bigger images are printed onto canvas and reworked and refined using acrylics and spray paint.His current work reveals his borderline obsession with timeless and universal icons. These easy-on-the-eye images skilfully offer an entry point into a complex world which offers much more than first appears….

Jim’s love of travel and his insatiable appetite for all that is lo-fi flows through his images. East meets West, white trash snuggles up with the glitterati, good versus evil and much more in-between. As well as numerous solo and group shows in London and Bristol, Jim has painted and drawn on location worldwide and was an Expedition Artist for BSES Expeditions on four occasions visiting Montana (USA) Svalbard (Norway) Lesotho (South Africa) and Iceland. In 2014 he exhibited in London, Paris and New York. Recently he has exhibited in Chicago, Palm Beach and Venice and is currently exhibiting in Singapore and Tokyo with BVLGARI.

He is currently working towards a solo show in London for December 2018.